Laws Penned by Tadas Klimas

  • the law granting the public access to court records
  • the law granting the right to attorneys and the public to obtain copies of court records
  • the law permitting attorney contingency fees in personal injury matters
  • the law permitting dismissal of quasi-criminal charges in the interest of justice
  • the law requiring appellate (cassational) courts to publish their decisions on the Internet
  • the law requiring the prosecutor to prosecute rape cases in the same manner as all other crimes (previously such a case was initiated not by the prosecutor but by the victim and could be rescinded by her, which meant that only the most courageous women could resist pressure brought upon them by the perpetrator and others to withdraw her charges)
  • the first effective law on bribery, which also solved the problem of a person taking a bribe for an act which was not within his official powers to commit (previously this had been a defense)
  • the law allowing schools, colleges, and universities to use funds from non-government sources for the benefit of students (in the form of payment for tuition and stipends) without having to withold 20% personal income tax (the law’s effect is to create the legal framework for private contributions to schools and universities)
  • a law whose effect was to make the judiciary much more independent (previously, if in any one year period any two (2) decisions of a judge were overturned by a higher court, this would constitute an ethical violation by the judge and could result in his dismissal or other penalty)
  • the law setting forth educational requirements for judges and attorneys
  • a bill (not passed into law) that would have allowed the use of the European Convention on Human Rights to be directly applicable in regular courts, as in fact is required by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.


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